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We will continue to be a partner that maximizes your web communication skills and delivers results.

With the advent and evolution of the Internet, the means and methods of communication activities of companies and organizations have changed dramatically. With conventional mass media, enormous costs were required to establish physical routes for information transmission such as paper and radio waves, so the use of these was also required to be very costly. However, now that the center of the information transmission route has moved to the Internet, the “transmission cost” has disappeared, and it has become a society where anyone can transmit information beyond the restrictions of regions and distances.

And the real impact of the Internet society, where “everyone can get information whenever and wherever they need it,” is that the consumer behavior and business processes of users have changed significantly. Users come to your website with more clearly focused needs and challenges. The moment you get content or information that meets that goal to the fullest, your heart moves and you act to buy or seek further contact. There are no longer any restrictions on the size of the company or the region. By utilizing the power of the Internet and websites, it is possible for any company to maximize its opportunities.

Who are the users for your company? And what are you looking for? What is the point that can differentiate you from others? We believe that the main pillar of maximizing communication skills is the construction and operation of our own website, which can clarify them from both marketing and branding perspectives and convey our business philosophy and strategy from the user’s perspective.

JBN has accumulated experience and achievements for building this “own site = the strongest in-house media that can be built with its own power”. How do you perceive the business activities of the company or organization, and where is the true brand power and competitiveness? Our website construction starts here and is embodied by powerful editing and content construction capabilities. This is the core ability of JBN that cannot be imitated elsewhere.

We will continue to work as one to hone this ability, challenge the latest Internet technology, and continue to be a partner that brings results to our customers.

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Our Journey timeline from the beginning

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    Company Name

    IKIAGI Corporation (concern of JBN Co., Ltd.)

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    December 10, 2002

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    10 Million Yen

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    Background of establishment

    Founded in 1996. At the time of its founding, it was engaged in the content distribution business of large electric display boards. In 1998, we will take advantage of our experience in content distribution and technical capabilities to enter the field of Internet website construction as a new business field. In December 2002, we developed our business organization and made it a joint-stock company. Since then, we have accumulated a track record of communication support and information dissemination businesses centered on website construction and Internet services in Nagano Prefecture, and have continued to this day.

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    Business Content

    Internet strategy construction , Website planning / production / operation support , CMS construction , Web system development, database construction, server construction , Video content production (company profile, product promotion, etc.) , Booklet, pamphlet, poster production (company profile, product promotion, etc.) , Seminar management.

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    30 People

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    〒169-0073 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Hyakunincho, 1 Chome-11-31 Shin-Okubo Building 2 201

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